Pureest Large Cloth - Blue 90x60 cm

Large and extremely water-absorbing microfiber cloth that you can wipe an entire car with without having to twist out!
After using this cloth, there is a risk that you will never want to use anything else to dry your vehicle…

All our microfiber products are of high quality and can be machine washed at 60-70 degrees several times, which is good for both the wallet and the environment.
We always recommend that you wash your microfiber products once before use, but rinse aid must not be used. This is to get the best absorption capacity.
Use liquid detergent to reduce the risk of undissolved washing powder ending up in the fibers.
All our microfiber cloths are delivered in a plastic package to protect the fibers from dirt during transport.

Care instructions for microfiber cloths:
- Wash at 60 degrees or 70 degrees.
- Never wash with fabric softener
- Use with liquid detergent
- Do not use the cloth together with any other paint protectors as it becomes saturated with, for example, spray paint protection.

Size: 90x60cm Thickness
: 600g / m2
Other : None of our microfiber cloths contain chemicals that increase the absorbency, they have their completely natural absorbency.