Pureest Washing glove - White

Our washable microfiber wash glove is the gentlest way to wash a polish! Common mushrooms easily form laundry scratches, and that doesn't make anyone happy...

All our microfiber products are of high quality and can be machine washed at 60 degrees several times, which is good for both the wallet and the environment.
We always recommend that you wash your microfiber products once before use, but fabric softener must not be used.
We recommend liquid detergent to reduce the risk of undissolved washing powder ending up among the fibers.
All of our microfiber cloths are delivered in biodegradable packaging to protect the fibers from dirt during transport.

Is the product currently out of stock? We try to keep the stock filled over time, but sometimes it runs out anyway, so count on us getting more in within about 10 days.

"I usually use the glove more like a traditional sponge and have my hand on the outside as it feels thicker" -Alex