S3 PH-neutral shampoo 500ml

Leaves no film on the varnish after washing.


Pureest S3 is a PH-neutral car shampoo. A PH-neutral shampoo leaves no film on the varnish.
If you are going to apply a varnish protection, it is important that no other chemicals are present on the varnish, and then this shampoo is suitable.
Perfect for you who are extremely careful about using PH neutral products.

Also suitable for vehicles with ceramic paint protection, and can of course also be used on the boat, robotic lawnmower or truck.

As always when washing a varnish to avoid washing scratches, there should always be plenty of water in the microfiber glove. Activate the foam by spraying with a strong jet of water in the washing bucket for a few seconds.

For the least possible risk of washing scratches, we always recommend that our washable microfiber glove is used instead of traditional sponges.

The product smells lovely and the color is blue. Shake the bottle before use and use lukewarm water.
And remember, as always, we recommend that gloves be used in all contact with chemicals, and avoid using the product in strong sunlight.

Color: Blue
Scent: Pureest own scent
Nozzle: Pump (included)
Dilution: This product can be diluted with water. One bottle of S3 is enough for 40-50 washes.
Remember not to store the product in areas where it will be minus degrees.
Other: None of our products contain PFAS (highly fluorinated substances)

Is the product out of stock at the moment? We try to keep the stock full over time but sometimes it runs out anyway, then expect us to get more within about 10 days.