T1 Tire Shine Wet Look 500ml

Tire gloss for a glossy "wet-look" effect


Pureest T1 is our tire gloss in gel format for you who like the shiny "wet look" effect. The agent can also be used on rubber strips, bumpers and similar black surfaces.

to use the product: The product is super easy to use. Shake the bottle before use, make sure the tire is clean and dry for best effect, apply a click gel on an applicator or cloth and apply to the tire.
Wipe off any remaining agent with a microfiber cloth.

And remember, as always, we recommend that gloves be used in all contact with chemicals, and avoid using the product in strong sunlight.

Color: Red
Aroma: Forest berries
Dilution: This product can not be diluted with water
Remember not to store the product in areas where it will be minus degrees.
Other: None of our products contain PFAS (highly fluorinated substances)

Is the product out of stock at the moment? We try to keep the stock full over time but sometimes it runs out anyway, then expect us to get more within about 10 days.