T3 Cold degreasing 5 liter

Clean everything that is oil-based, such as tar, diesel spills on the paint, glue residues, etc.


Pure: est T3 is our cold degreaser (tar remover) that is developed for our Nordic climate as you can, among other things, apply the degreaser directly to a wet varnish.

There are two types of degreasers that many people mix together, cold degreasing & alkaline degreasing.
The difference between them is great.
Cold degreasing cannot be diluted and dissolves everything that is oil-based (equally dissolves equally), such as tar, asphalt stains, diesel spills on the paint or adhesive residues.
Alkaline degreasing takes the rest, you can simply say, for example, all organic dirt such as soot, pollen, flies in the front of your vehicle, mud, salt in the winter, etc.

Pure: est T3 is sprayed directly on the paint or, as a suggestion, in our spray gun. Always be careful when applying cold degreasing to plastics and rubber parts (eg lanterns and moldings) as cold degreasing dissolves oil-based substances. Do not apply more degreasing than necessary, ie not to the entire vehicle. Spray on where there are, for example, asphalt stains.
It is important not to allow degreasing to dry in and it should not be used in direct sunlight. Leave on for 2 to 4 minutes. Then rinse with high pressure washer.

Pure: est T3 is manufactured in Sweden and is developed especially for our Nordic climate.

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And remember, as always, we recommend that gloves be used in all contact with chemicals, and do not use the product in strong sunlight.

Color: Transparent
Fragrance: None
Nozzle: Childproof cork and a spray trigger
Dilution: This product can not be diluted with water
Other: None of our products contain PFAS (highly fluorinated substances)