The innovative packaging of gloste production is not just a unique sustainable joy but also a message about friendship between humans and nature. We're not just creating modern products in innovative packaging, we're creating a sustainable future.

Our products are water-based, bio-transparent, non-toxic, SLS/SLES-free, microplastic-free. This means they are safe for people, safe for health and safe for our environment.

Join the sustainable future, make a conscious product choice, for a cleaner and greener future.

The harmful side of over washing

90% of clothes are thrown away long before that, due to irreparable fading, shrinkage and shape changes due to excessive washing.

Every time you wash, synthetic fabrics release microplastics that end up in our oceans. 25% of the carbon footprint of every garment comes from how you wash it.



Clothes are often washed before they really need to be, and this over-cleaning results in unnecessary damage.

Not only does ironing between washes allow clothes to regenerate and shrink, but it also extends their life by reducing the need for over-washing and the resulting damage.

Each bottle can help save more than 60 liters of water that is wasted and reduce energy costs due to unnecessary washing cycles.

And most importantly SLS/SLES free I Microplastic free I Safe for nature and humans I PFAS free I Removes unpleasant odors I Safe for all fabrics I Hypoallergenic



Unique water and dirt repellent impregnation agent (Nano coating textile protection) without extremely harmful synthetic chemicals. Protects by maintaining fabric permeability ("breathing"). The service life of the textile product is extended. A long-lasting protective layer is created, even up to 12 months.

Without SLS/SLES I Without microplastics I Extremely hydrophobic I Without PFAS I The textile becomes resistant to dirt and water, but still breathes I Biodegradable I Long-term protection I Extends the life of the product.


Sustainable solutions even in small details

The packaging of gloste products does not emit any harmful propellants because it is filled with compressed air

Innovative natural water-based formulas.

Packaging are fully recyclable.


Compressed air packaging is a safe, environmentally friendly pressure canister made entirely of plastic: no inhalation hazard, no dirty propellants and no unnecessary waste! Unlike other pressurized dispensers that use dirty propellants, this one uses only regular air. Dosing with constant pressure from start to finish allows for sustainable and economical use of the product from start to finish. The unique technology ensures 360° dosing, no need to shake, and the transparent packaging allows you to see how much product is left.