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 An eco-friendly cleaner that refreshes and revitalises all types of fabrics, removes rather than hides bad odours, smoothes wrinkles and leaves a fresh scent. The product has been developed for clothes and items that cannot be washed. These include sportswear, motorcycle clothing, furniture, helmets, etc. Suitable for all types of textiles. 

·         Non toxic

·         No SLS/SLES

·         No microplastic

·         Eco-friendly  

HOW TO USE:  Lay the garment on a flat surface. Hold the bottle at a distance of 20 cm and spray over the entire surface of the garment. Wait 10 sec. Smooth out wrinkles by hand. Allow to dry (up to 10 min). Repeat if necessary. It is recommended to test the product in an inconspicuous place.

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